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AdventnetManageEngine SupportCenter Plus 7.0

AdventnetManageEngine SupportCenter Plus 7.0: Web-based Customer Service & Support Software with SLA Management ips. SLA Management Improve customer satisfaction with defining proper service level agreements, monitoring SLA compliance and escalating SLA violations. Customer Service Reports Access 50 in-built reports and create custom reports on various criterias like Requests, Response Times, Support Staff Based and SLA based. Active Directory Integration Import User information from Active Directory.Keep your SupportCenter Plus database in sync with the Active

Clash N Slash 1.20: Non-stop action shooter with extremely simple controls suitable for all ages!
Clash N Slash 1.20

Slash, a totally new and highly addictive arcade space shooter for players who want to enjoy a fresh exciting gameplay and bored with playing tons of indistinguishable shooter games. Shooting has never been so simple and addictive! In Clash’N Slash arcade game you must defend your planet from pesky alien invaders that will arrive from all around the galaxy. With superior firepower and enhanced spaceship capabilities that can be upgraded from time

shooter game, action game, enkord, clash n slash, arcade game

Happy Bavarian 1.5: 'Happy Bavarian' 3D Screen Saver. Good Mood guaranteed!
Happy Bavarian 1.5

Good mood guaranteed! This extraordinary 3D screensaver gives you a feeling for real Bavarian way of life and brings you instantly good mood. Watch the happy Bavarian at his home, where he is drinking beer and dancing the slap dance (Original Slap Dance Figures) with his dachshund on real Bavarian country music. Through the window you have a look on the beautiful Bavarian landscape! Bright colours and real 3D Character Animation.

happy bavarian, slap dance, bavarian way of life, 3d screen saver, dachshund, 3d animation, screensaver

Slam Database Manager 1.05: Compact custom database manager
Slam Database Manager 1.05

SlamDB is a complete custom database and index manager built into one small dynamic link library (DLL). It allows you, as the developer, to add complete database handling capabilities to your applications without having to worry about file management or multi-user problems, and still have all the power and flexibility that you need.

variable, files, custom, data, library, slam32, slamdb, indexed, database, slam, slam32 dll, storage

SLAE Solver 1.2: SLAE SOLVER allows to find on a personal computer high accuracy solutions
SLAE Solver 1.2

SLAE SOLVER allows to find on a personal computer high accuracy solutions of linear algebraic systems with N equations, where N may reach hundreds or thousands

solver, equations, math, linear, algebraic, slae, advanced, science, calculator, engineering

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Beach Slam 2 Pro Beach Volleyball 1.02

Beach Slam 2: Pro Beach Volleyball is a fast-paced 3D Beach Volleyball Simulation featuring realistic and very addictive gameplay. Build, customize, and improve your team as you guide them through a 20-year career on the World Beach Volleyball Tour. Each player has 8 different skill attributes, which can be improved as you win tournaments. Aggressive and intelligent opponents make for a challenging and fun game of beach volleyball.

sports, slam, spike, game, vball, beach, volleyball, sand

Orion VoIP Monitor 1.0: Ensure Every Word is Crystal Clear with VoIP Monitor
Orion VoIP Monitor 1.0

IP SLAs, VoIP Monitor collects and analyzes VoIP performance statistics including MOS, jitter, network latency, packet loss and other important quality of service (QoS) metrics. These features enable you to proactively find the root cause of VoIP performance degradation and measure expected voice quality in advance of a VoIP deployment. Orion VoIP Monitor also simplifies the configuration of IP SLA on Cisco routers – in fact, it can automatically

network, ip telephony, qos metrics, voip, cisco, software, free, orion, voice over ip, ip sla, download, performance

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